What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics is a 4,000 year old process that has been brought into vogue the past 15 years. Permanent Cosmetics is the permanent application of pigment into the skin for eyebrows, eyeliner. lip liner, complete lip shape reconstruction, birthmarks, nipple arcolae (after reconstructive surgery of mastectomy patients),scar camouflage for hypo and hyperpigmented scars (this could include burn victins as well as vitiligo patients), spider vein camouflag, and hair simulation in scalp for alopecia areata patients otherwise known as tattooing. In ancient times this process could only be afforded by the elite and very wealthy. Today, technology and new innovative processes have made the price affordable for anybody to have this process done.

How does Permanent Cosmetics Work?

At SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics the process is done by the manual SofTap® method. SofTap® is a registered trademark of SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics. We use a set of several fine single needles that are dipped into a permanent pigment mixture and then applied into the skin according to the desired shape or design that is pleasing to the client having the procedure done.

What is the SofTap® Technique?

The SofTap® technique is a registered trademark. Only our graduates have mastered this permanent makeup technique. The SofTap® technique is a very controlled, gentle and safe technique compared to other methods. It's so gentle that many times a topical anesthetic does not have to be applied.

Why do clients prefer the SofTap® technique over all other permanent makeup procedures?

Simply said, it is the most gentle and comfortable procedure and it looks the most natural. With the SofTap® technique individual fine hairs can be easily and artistically draw on. The final look is natural, soft, powdery and subtle.The method tries to give you a natural look and is not comparable with the traditional Tattoo - method! It has much more to do with Cosmetics than with anything else.

Is it safe?

Of course! The SofTap® technique is quite safe. With each procedure, fresh pigments are used which contain safe inorganic ingredients. In addition, only disposable probes, brushes, and spatulas are used. All non disposable equipment is thoroughly sterilized via OSHA sterilization procedures such as a dry heat sterilizer or autoclave. A patch test is suggested to qualify any color changes that may take place with the undertones of an individual's skin.The fresh pigment is desposited by the needles that softly tap and lift the skin, thereby depositing color permanently into the skin. Traditional methods of tattooing use a reciprocating needle which pushes the color into the skin. The SofTap® method gently lifts the skin to deposit color. As a result, there is a definite difference in the amount of pain experienced by the client. Many clients, who have had permanent makeup with the traditional tattoo machine can attest to the fact that the SofTap® method is far gentler, the skin recovers faster. Clients have been known to go out on the town immediately after their procedure. The SofTap® colors have earned their excellent reputation because they look so natural. They are thick, reach and creamy which allows to the permanent cosmetic technician complete control in color selection. There are currently 50 fabulous colors to chose from. Those include 20 different browns in the cool and warm palettes, 13 natural lip colors, 9 special effect colors, 9 camouflage colors.

Permanent Makeup Can:

·  save you time

·  save you money

·  make your eyelashes thicker

·  enhance your own natural features

·  make lips look fuller

·  make lips more defined

·  correct uneven or narrow lips

·  fill in brows where hairs were lost

·  make your look younger which a custom brow arch

Permanent Makeup is for People Who

- want to wake up every morning with perfect makeup
- are tired of their makeup smadging, smearing and running
- can't see very well to apply their makeup
- are athletic (such as bikers, swimmers, runners, or people who do aerobics)
and are tired sweat smearing their makeup
- are allergic to regular makeup

The following procedure are available:

1) Permanent Eyebrows:

30 000 Ft

2) Permanent eyeliner:

30 000 Ft

3) Permanent lipliner:

30 000 Ft

4) Permanent Full Lip Coloring:

50 000 Ft

5) Permanent Beauty Marks

10 000 Ft